Anti-Bullying Clothing 

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Our Story

After years of working in the fashion industry two fashion entrepreneurs and old friends decided that the time had come to take charge of their own destiny knowing they could make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. What could be better? Are we idealists? Maybe. But shouldn't we all be?

Having both personally been touched by emotional and physical bullying we knew first hand the devastating toll it takes on self esteem.

The time has come for Everyone to not only stand up for themselves but for others suffering injustice and ridicule.

We know a SMILE, a HUG , KIND WORDS are all small acts with LARGE impact. Each day we can all make a difference simply by caring enough to do so…….

Hold a door open, ask how a day is going,
“notice” a friend or a stranger in need…..

Our goal is to remind each other how powerful words are. We hope you embrace our two simple words…..PLAY NICE :)

The time has come for everyone to learn to accept our differences knowing we ALL want to be loved, heard and accepted for our “genuine’ selves.